Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you get rid of bad toe nails?

Clip em!!How do you get rid of bad toe nails?
Ingrown? or Thick Toenails ?

Ingrown Toenail care:鈥?/a>

Thick toenails are generally a sign of fungus under the nail and need to be taken care of.. You can buy an over the counter fungul medication in any pharmacy otherwise consult your podiatrist do you get rid of bad toe nails?
It depends on how bad they are.

If it's something that you could sort yourself go to your local chemist and get something over the counter to treat the problem, otherwise go to your Doctor and ask him to have a look and see if he can offer some advice.
Get rid?

Maybe you need to treat them...please don't get rid of them...people may point and laugh~Ha!

Go and get a pedicure regularly. If you have unsightly toenails...yellow, fungus, etc...those things can be treated by a doctor. If you don't need medical treatment...just go to a nail salon and have them clipped and painted so that they look good no matter whats underneath the paint.

Luck 2 U !
I just read about that in the paper today. It said to keep your feet dry, wash and dry them very well daily and if its really bad, go to a Dr. and he can remove them without pain.
if you have fungus, get treatment. Cut off whatever looks ';bad'; paint them with polish (if you're a girl or gay). The end.
hydrochloric acid
go to a spa and enjoy yourself.

ask for a pedicure.
yeah whats wrong with them?

if its anything removable just cut them

to make them stronger drink milk / get calcium

or use nail strengthener
See a podiatrist and have them removed.
if they're rough and dry, rub some lotion on em--it really helps! if they're just not pretty--go get a nice pedicure.
get a pedicure (asians give good pedicures)
eww! clip them! duh
umm define bad? what's wrong with them?
nail cutter
Trim them a little at a time!
Cut them off..
Cut 'em
Cut em..
its called a nail clipper!
cut em off
burn them

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