Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why can a diabetic person not cut their own toe nails?

That only applies to diabetics whose blood glucose has gotten out of control. My feet are fine. I cut my toenails regularly.Why can a diabetic person not cut their own toe nails?
This is rather outdated advice, along with other things that diabetics supposedly shouldn't do such as wear nylons or use hot tubs - the assumption is that all diabetics are in bad shape. The toenails thing has to do with poor sensation in the feet and potentially cutting the foot and not feeling it. If you're able to reach your feet OK and if you still have good sensation, it's fine to cut your toenails, just don't cut too close, and cut them as straight across as possible and file off the corners. Inspect them afterwards to make sure there aren't any cuts or sores on them. As for the nylons and hot tubs, if your blood pressure is fine and you have no heart problems, you can use those too.Why can a diabetic person not cut their own toe nails?
Hello Lisa J,

Here is a link to a web-page that might provide more data for you.


I am a diabetic for 46 years and have never ';NOT'; trimmed my nails.

Obviously it is important to have your blood glucose under control. If you have specific questions, ask your primary care Dr or a Podiatrist.


So they don't accidentally cut their foot. If this happens an infection is likely to set in and many times the foot or toe will eventually need to be amputated.
they sometimes loose sense in their feet most of the time. thats why diabetic people are more prone to having foot injuries without knowing it, and this can be bad.
Its not that they can but it is not recommend. Diabetics can develop neuropathy and are more prone to infection.

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